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Sep 04, 2009 at 03:32 AM

Picklist only Prints Company Logo


Hi All,

I have been experiencing this issue.

A Picklist PLD is customised from the System PLD.

When send picklist to print via print preview, only the company logo is printed. The rest of the Picklist details like Picklist number and Item to pick with quantity are not printed.

The whole page is blank except for the company logo. (The Company logo is a picture field in Picklist)

Sometime, the picklist is printed correctly.

So far, it only happens to THIS laser printer (which is stationed at the Warehouse). So the sales user will print the picklist to the warehouse.

I have tried sending to THIS printer also. The printout comes out correctly. But the users are facing this inconsistency in Picklist printing issue. almost 70% of the time, the printout comes out only with with the company logo.

We have tested printing other documents from SAP B1 to THIS printer. These documents are printed out properly. It seems that only Picklist printout is having problem (after all these testing).

THIS printer has also been tested for WORD and EXCEL printing. All printouts are okay.

What could be the possible causes?