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Sep 04, 2009 at 12:02 AM

taking a long time to export a report to PDF in web app



I downloaded CR for Eclipse 2.0 to integrate a "Create PDF Report" option into our web application. The original .rpt files were created using CR 2008. I used the sample online code to do this:

ReportClientDocument reportClientDoc = new ReportClientDocument();, 0);

// .. set report params here..

ByteArrayInputStream byteArrayInputStream = (ByteArrayInputStream)reportClientDoc.getPrintOutputController().export(ReportExportFormat.PDF);

I was able to successfully run this and generate a PDF output file, however the report takes over 2 minutes to complete, whether there were only 2 records or 75 records!

From CR 2008 on a Windows machine, the export to PDF option takes about 2 - 3 seconds for the exact same report.

Our web servers are very powerful Linux blade servers from Dell.

Why is there such a delay? Does it have to do with the licensed version versus the free version? Or is this just a limitation of being in a web app?