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Sep 03, 2009 at 02:15 PM

Special characters in sender soap adapter provoke HTTP 500 error



SAP R3 is sending a SOAP message to PI through SOAP adapter.

When the payload does NOT contain german characters like ü, it works fine.

However, when the payload DOES contain special characters, the SOAP adapter replies with an HTTP 500 code error.

If I use SoapUI to send the soap message, and setting UTF-8 as the encoding in the program options, it will go through fine. If I change to ISO-8859-1 it will fail.

I'm thinking in two options:

- Make sure that SAP R3 sends the message in UTF-8 format (I think this is happening currently), as if SoapUI works, then probably R3 is not using UTF-8.

- Force the adapter to use UTF-8. Is this possible? In the sender SOAP adapter I've added AF_Modules/MessageTransformBean (type local EB), and then Transform.ContentType for parameter name and --> text/plain;charset=utf-8 for parameter value. The sender adapter will fail then for every message, with or without special characters.

Anyway, in this link ( it seems to say that the sender soap adapter cannot be extended with modules, so maybe that's the reason why it fails when trying to add a module.