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Former Member
Sep 03, 2009 at 01:05 PM

Multiples payloads in a single message


Hi everybody,

I have a scenario where I will receive multiples payloads in a single message (several email attachments) and I have to call a WebService for each different payload, or email attachment in this case.

Scenario: Mail Sender (multiples attachments/payloads) -> XI -> SOAP Receiver

These attachments in the email are XML files with the same structure (WSDL) that must map it to the WebService.

I'm thinking in receive these payloads using Java Mapping to merge all these XML files in a single fat XML structure and after that use a BPM to do a Loop in order to call the WebService for each part of this fat XML. But I'm not sure if it is the best option and I don't really know how to do this BPM.

Anyone has a suggestion how should I do this?