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Sep 03, 2009 at 06:04 AM

Printing Long text in Send Mail Task


Hi All,

My requirement is to print the long text of particular error message in the send mail task, which will be sent to outlook.

for this i have an activity beforr the mail task, where i have filled the multiline parameter called 'TEXT' and this is exported to workflow also.

In my send mail task, in the body of the message, using insert expression i have inserted the multiline container 'TEXT' with the option of line break, so it came &TEXT##&.

But once the WF is executed , i checked the WF log and found that the mail is sent and i have checked the container 'TEXT' in my previous activity where the TEXT container has 10 lines.

But when i checked the mail in SOST the contents of TEXT is not getting printed.

What will be the issue?

Thanks and Regards,