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Sep 03, 2009 at 04:39 AM

Add Infotype 77 on ESS Screen



I am supposed to create the Infotype 77 screeen in WD Java and add it under ESS Personal Info. I do have knowledge in Webdynpro Java but am not updated on FPM. Can some one let me know step by step procedure to accomplish this.

Also I believe there are some RFC's in backend which can be used...

HRXSS_PER_P0077_CA ESS PersInfo: Access infotype 0077 CA

HRXSS_PER_EDIT_P0077_CA Select the given record for edit

HRXSS_PER_MODIFY_P0077_CA Modify selected record with given record

HRXSS_PER_NEW_P0077_CA Create new record of given infotype/subtype

HRXSS_PER_READ_P0077_CA read all records of an infotype relevant for ESS Pers Info

will they all be required to develop each WD FPM screen??


Justin K