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Sep 02, 2009 at 02:12 PM

A date is required here


Hi Everybody,

I'm working with Crystal Reports 8.5 to generate a report from a SQL server 2000 DB.

The problem I'm having is that a have a datetime field in the SQL server DB that I want to display it's information in the crystal report, when I select the report is only appearing 1/1/1900 in crystal. The thing is that I was trying to get just the time information from the field because if you display the information that contains the SQL server DB field is in the following format: "1900-01-01 08:30:00.000" So, the part I'm interested to display in the report, is the last (08:20:00.000). When I try to get just the time information with the following formula "Time({WOE.STARTTIME})", Crystal is displaying the error "A date-time is required here".

Does anybody has any suggestion on how to display the time information in my report?

Thanks in advance,