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Sep 02, 2009 at 12:43 PM

Object SAPINLPGM in library *LIBL not found.



I'm working on an upgrade from SCM 2007 -> SCM 7.0 SR1.

I've just loaded the upgrade tools: QSH CMD('/usr/installCDs/scm_70_upgrade/scm70_nw701_sr1_upg_mast/DATA_UNITS/UM_SAPCAR_OS400_PPC64/loaduplib')

now I'm trying to start the sapup program: STARTUP SID(SCX) RESTART(*NO) DVDPATH('/USR/INSTALLCDS/SCM7UPG/SCM70_NW71_SR1_UPG_MAST') SAPUPLIB(SAPUP) OPTIONS('jce_policy_zip=/usr/sap/downlod/SAPJVM5_crypto.ZIP')

I get an error: Object SAPINLPGM in library *LIBL not found.

Please note: the path to the master CD is different in each of these because I had to change it to be less than 50 characters so the STARTUP would run.

Has anyone seen this before or know how to circumvent the error? I've look on my partition and I don't see any object called SAPINLPGM.

Per one of the many upgrade notes (I forget which one), prior to running the loaduplib, I replaced the SAPUP.SAR and ILE.SAR.

Thank you.