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Former Member
Sep 02, 2009 at 09:35 AM

In IE, How to create test for multiple mapping in one direction


hi, I created an Operation Mapping in ESB, which includes 2 steps mapping.


<source> <item> .. </item></source>


<middle> <item> .. </item></middle>


<middle> <item> .. </item></middle>


<target> <item> .. </item></target>

I test this OM in ESB, it works good.

However when I go to IE and tried to build a test scenario for it, it failed.

I used the "configuration wizard" of IE to build my test scenario, created the Communication Componet, Send receiver, etc as normal Operation Mapping does.

It reported a runtime error:

IllegalInstanceException: Cannot create target element /midd. Values missing in queue context. Target XSD requires a valu~

Looks like this exception happend at the step1 mapping. When I change my OM to only one step, everything OK.

Any special thing needed in IE for the multiple mapping in one OM?