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Sep 02, 2009 at 06:39 AM

Assessment Cycle(KSU5) - Allocating Cost for Only One Month



I want to allocate cost relating 2008 from cost centres to WBS. For that I'm trying run the assessment cycle(ksu5). The test results shows allocation of cost for the month of Sep2008. i.e It doesn't allocate cost that are posted before sep and after september though the cost centre has costs from Apr 2008. My Assessment cycle period starts from 01.04.2008 and is valid for the whole year till 31.03.2009. I've 3 WBS elements to which the costs for the whole year has to be posted according to the no. of hours. Among 3WBS one is created in the month of Apr 2008 and the other is created in Aug 2008 and the last one is create in Dec 2008.

So Can anyone tell me why the cost is not posted for all the months.

Thanks in Advance

Harikrishnan L G