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Sep 02, 2009 at 04:18 AM

values saved with different scale in infocube


Hello all,

I have to extract values from the cube into a spreadsheet and thereby I have experienced that some values which were saved in specific currencies (Loc_currency) are saved with an different scale then in the query. The values were entered with an BI planning query. e.g. in the query it is defines * 1000 IDR and the user enters 100, so I expect that in the cube the value is stored like 100000, but instead the value is stored as 10000.

This happens only for some specific currencies.

In the queries all values are displayed correct, just the way how those values are stored in the cube is not traceable. I have just noticed this, because I want to extract date out of the cube in an spreadsheet.

Is there any other logic for saving key figures with specific currencies sometimes?

The release is 7.1 and any hint for understanding this would be great.

Best regards,

Stefan from Munich/Germany