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Sep 01, 2009 at 02:55 PM

No link to the local .avi files after exporting Crystal report as .pdf


Hello all,

The overall scenario is like-

My application fires a query on SQL Server database and result of that query is stored in a Dataset. This dataset is set as a datasource to the Crystal report. Now some, records (returned by the query) have .avi files(i.e. Event Videos which are stored on the local hard disk) associated with them. I have stored these .avi files in a specific path on local Hard disk say "C:/EventVideos/*.avi" . I used a special format in these avi files name. (like - "EventVideo_1.avi" (This is for 1st event), "EventVideo_5.avi" (This is for 5th event)etc. to identify which avi is for which event. All events do not have avi files associated with them)

Now, I take one Text Object in crystal report. Using it's Format editor created a formula for hyperlink as -

"file:///c:/EventVideos/EventVideo_" + {DataTable1.EventID} + ".avi" .

EventID is the field of dataset which has ID's (like 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 etc) of all resulted events. It is of a String data type.

Now when I export, my report as .xls, .rtf, .doc, I can open the avi files. When I bring cursor on this Text Object, cursor get change to Hand and after click on it avi file start to play.

But if I export it as .pdf, it does not contain the link for avi files. When I bring cursor on this Text Object , it does not change to Hand, and after click on it nothing happens. No video play.

I stick to this problem. What should be done in this case?

Appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance.