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Sep 01, 2009 at 12:16 PM

Import an IEEE 754 Double into a type F ABAP field


Hi there,

simple question for everybody: I have an external file containing a double-precision floating point number in IEEE 754 standard.

I read the file in binary mode, obtain the number as a byte sequence and want to convert it in a platform-independent manner into an ABAP type f value.

My simplistic approach to mask the byte field with a type F field-symbol doesn't work platform-independently.

Can anybody help?

Thanks and regards,


report  z_endian.

  perform start.

* ---
form start.
  data: lv_x(8) type x value  '405EC00000000000'.
* This is the IEEE748 standard representation for the number 123
* See for a calculator

  field-symbols: <lv_f> type f.

  assign lv_x to <lv_f> casting.
  if <lv_f> eq '1.23E2'.
* OK for ia64 Itanium  / Unix / Non-Unicode / CP 1100
    write: / <lv_f>, ': OK'.
* Not OK for x86 / Linux / Unicode / CP 4103
    write: / <lv_f>, ': Not OK'.

endform.                    "start