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Sep 01, 2009 at 08:23 AM

WS20000077, refuse doesn't follow the wf, significantlychanged dominates


Hi there

I wrote this tread already in the workflow forum: Workflow Definition WS20000077 and sequence of the events, significantly...

I'm looking for someone who runs the workflow for the overall purchase requisition release strategy without additional setups in wf and therefore I guess these forum is good as well.

So could you please reply if you have any clue why the event "significantly changed" from the BO BUS2105 is send before the event "rejected"? In my case it leads to the unattractive situation that the wf is closed and if I don't provide a workaround I can't provide the information to the workflow initiator.

Sure, refusing a purchase requirement is a significant change however the workflow seems to be designed to process the task TS20000163 "Release of requisition cancelled" which doesn't work at the moment.

Thanks in advance,