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Sep 01, 2009 at 07:05 AM

Workflow Definition WS20000077 and sequence of the events, significantly...


Dear Workflow Gurus

beeing more or less a wf rookie I'm not quite shure if there is any solution within the workflow (wf) setup and would appreciate your comments.

I'm going to activate the wf definition WS20000077. It bases on Business Object BUS2105, so we're talking about the overall release strategy of an purchase requisition (PR). SAP provides a predefined workflow and I thought I just activate it and use some MM-Customizing to run it. However it seems to be not so easy.

The settings are done as described in some books and manuals. I activated the starting event, assigned the user and it's working perfectly with the standard case. In case I release the PR the message will be send to the workflow initiator and it closes the WF.

In case I refuse it, it doesn't run through the task TS20000161 "Requisition release refused". Instead it processes outcome "Requisition changed significantly".

The event trace (nice tool in this case) points out that both events are started. Unfortunately first "SIGNIFICANTLYCHANGED" and afterwards the required one "REJECTED". I tried to debug the creation of the events several times, however got lost in the jungle.

Are there any of you who run the workflow and doesn't have the problem within ECC6.0. Sure notes are checked and within some other threads I found several times the topic "when is significantlychanged created". However these doesn't help me so far. Is there any chance to sort the events within wf? I can't deactive this event because in case of an significant change (new item or I really need it and it should end the workflow. I also checked SWE2/3 and I can't see any failures so far.

For poor guys with the same problem: my current workaround is to trigger the tasks (for instance TS20000161) with the event directly, however it's running in parallel and it's not too nice in the great graphical wf protocol.

Any feedback is appreciated. Also the statement "we run it without any problems" which refires my ambition to spend another day in the debugging mode.



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