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Aug 31, 2009 at 10:18 PM

Publishing/delivery Rules/Crystal Alerts


Hi All,

Has anyone used the following feature and if so did you get it to work? We are using Crystal(WEBI is not Supported) Alerts function with this. And after we set it up and hit the "Run it Now" button, it either goes into a Pending State or Scheduled and never seems to run?

I took this from the Help on InfoView:

u201CDelivery rulesu201D affect how documents in publications are processed and distributed. When you set delivery rules on documents, you indicate that the publication will be delivered to recipients only if the content in the documents meets certain conditions. There are two types of delivery rules:

Recipient delivery rule

If the data in the recipient's instance meets the delivery rule, the instance is delivered to the recipient.

Global delivery rule

If the data in a designated document meets the delivery rule, the publication is delivered to all recipients.

Note: The designated document for a global delivery rule can be different from the document or documents used in a publication. For example, you can set a global delivery rule on a Desktop Intelligence document used as a dynamic recipient source instead of a Desktop Intelligence document in the publication.

If a publication has recipient and global delivery rules, the global delivery rule is evaluated first to determine whether the publication will be processed. If the publication meets the global delivery rule, the system then evaluates the recipient delivery rules to determine which instances to process and distribute for each recipient.

How you set delivery rules depends on the document type that you want to publish. For Crystal reports, you specify a delivery rule based on a named alert that the report designer creates in the Crystal report. For Desktop Intelligence documents, you specify a formula expression. You can also set a delivery rule based on whether the personalized publication contains any data.

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