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Former Member
Aug 31, 2009 at 04:36 PM

SPUMG---unicode name tab, export control table issues for certain tables


Regarding the Unicode Nametabs---there are 4 views (per se11 description) that are inconsitent or not up to date. I activated these 4 objects(SOTR_TEXTA,SOTR_TEXTB, TADIV,V_WI_HEAD) in se11 but not able to generate them. Can I delete these 4 objects.

Another issue is inconsitency found in export control table for tables(DDNTF,DDNTT,DDNTF_HIST,DDNTT_CONV_UC,DDNTF_CONV_UC, DDNTT_HIST). What values should I give for these tables when I change them in the control table.

Also, is it ok to have code page 1160 for EN, and DE instead of 1100.

I would really appreciate any feedback/help/input on this. I am following the combined unicode and upgrade document for upgrading Nw2004 non-unicode to netweaver 2004s unicode.

Thank you.