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Nov 18, 2016 at 06:01 AM

HCP Authentication clarification requested


Hi all,

We are currently using the WebIDE and HCI services on HCP platform, and I would like to setup authentication to utilise our on premise user store...either via ADFS or Azure AD. I have seen various tutorials available on performing configuration for both ADFS and Azure AD.

I can't quite work out however how the authentication works. Can anyone please help clarify:

- Can ADFS / Azure AD be used to authenticate users when logging into the HCP Cockpit, or is that currently only available via s-user?

- Can WebIDE and HCI services be configured (like other Java Apps) to authenticate users to on-premise user store, or do they use the same method as HCP Cockpit logon?

- Do ALL users need to be created as members in an account, or if the appropriate group and role assertion mapping is setup, then roles are automatically assigned to the user every time the log in?

Thanks for your assistance