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Aug 31, 2009 at 08:50 AM

Auto update of Ztable when ever BSID or BSAD tables updated


Auto update of Ztable when ever DB table updated

Hi experts

I want my Ztable get updated automatically when ever a record is created or updated in BSID or BSAD tables.

Here clear requirement

Generally using Company code & Allocation number ( 18 char ) my programs access BSID & BSAD tables it is taking very long time for execution almost more than 30 minutes ( data in millions ).

Step 1.

I created a new Ztable with limited fields Company Code, Customer, Document, Allocation Number and Posting date.

Step 2.

Before look into BSID or BSAD my program searches Ztable for Customer number & Document number using Allocation field and Company code.

Step 3.

Once get the Customer & Document numbers accessing BSID & BSAD table is very easy (now just taking less than 1 minute).

Created a new program to update Ztable every day but BSID and BSAD are live table so I want my Ztable get updated immediately when any entry posted in BSID or BSAD

Please help me