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Aug 31, 2009 at 07:43 AM

Personnel Actions Overlapping bcoz of backdated Actions


Hi All,

We have a serious problem here while running Personnel Actions in SAP. In our company People responsible for running 'Transfer' & 'Promotion' actions are different & execute their responsibilities independantly of each other.

Many of the times they run these actions back dated.


Mr. A responsible for running 'Transfers' action has executed a transfer action on an Employee 'XYZ' on 10.09.2009 ( Start Date as 10.09.2009 & End Date as 31.12.9999). While running this Transfer action he has only changed Personnel Sub Area & Compensation of 'XYZ' & XYZ still continues to be in Grade 'B'.

Mr. B Responsible for running 'Promotions' action (unknowing of Mr. A's execution of Transfer action on 'XYZ' on 10.09.2009) has executed 'Promotion' action on 'XYZ' on 11.09.2009 (for Start Date as 05.09.2009) as Back Dated entry, where he has not only changed the Grade of "XYZ' to Grade 'C' from Grade 'B' but also has changed the compensation in info type 0008. Because 'XYZ' already has 'Transfer action from 10.09.2009, Promotion action got delimited from 05.09.2009 to 09.09.2009 & hence 'XYZ' Grade is again appearing as Grade 'B' from 10.09.2009, though XYZ Grade should appear as Grade 'C' as his Promotion is effective from 05.09.2009. Same happens with his Compensation in info type 0008.

Can you guys help us in solving this particular problem as some of you might have faced it.