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Aug 31, 2009 at 07:20 AM

Unable to change Box property of Template


Hi All,

I have this peculiar problem in which if I change the Width or Saturation of Table/template from 15 TW to 30 Tw and activate it. It changes the value for that time. but if i exit the transaction and reopen the smartform these chages not not reflecting.

Step wise explanation

1. Made the width from 15 TW to 30 TW saved the smartform and activated it.

2. Open the smartform in display mode width still shows as 30 TW

3. Exit the smart form go to some other transaction and come back to smartforms the width now displays as 15 TW.

Are there any setting which resets these values ? how can I change these values.

The same is happening with Saturation option in TEMPLATE/TABLE > TEMPLATE/TABLE TAB > BOX : Width and Saturation