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Aug 31, 2009 at 04:54 AM

Material master conversion - LSMW



I am uploading material master through direct input (RMDATIND). I am using the BMMH7 structure to update the PO text. This structure has a limitation of 132 characters for text line (TDLINE). As per our requirement, the PO text can be more than 132 characters.

So, in order to incorporate this, I changed the conversion program such that the BMMH7 conversion will happen in a loop. (I'm breaking the PO text into lines of 132 chars and performing the BMMH7 conversion (perform convert_0009) within the loop).

This is working as expected in the DEV system. However, when I transport the LSMW project into QA, the conversion program is getting regenerated, because of which the changes that I have made is lost. Is there any way to avoid this regeneration of the conversion program?

I can update the PO text alone as a separate process, upon the creation of the material master, through another program, but I want to complete the requirement in a single shot.

Please help.