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Aug 29, 2009 at 07:15 AM

Income Posting


Dear All

While making an entry for Income i.e. Interest Received, When I assign a Profit Center and press enter, I get a Yellow message from the system. The message is as follows:

Enter a true account assignment object with revenues

Message no. KI166


You made an account assignment for 40900502, a revenue element, in controlling area 1000 to a cost center or profit center.

System Response

Cost centers and profit centers can carry revenues in the SAP system as statistics only. To ensure reconciliation between FI and CO for revenue element 40900502, a CO account assignment object must record the revenues as a real value. This object type is used for updating to the reconciliation ledger.

In principle, it is possible for the SAP system to automatically derive this CO account assignment object, the reconciliation object. However, all postings made in CO for costing-based Profitability Analysis are logged in the reconciliation ledger under "reconciliation object". In this manner, the reconciliation ledger identifies the exact values flowing into the operating profit. If you post reconciliation objects during revenue postings to cost centers or profit centers, you must do so while keeping the interpretation of the reconciliation ledger reports in mind. The sums of revenue postings to profitability segments, cost centers, and profit centers cannot be broken down further.


To avoid posting to reconciliation objects, make account assignments to a real CO account assignment object.

If you want to post to reconciliation objects, you can change this message to a warning or a note for future users, or deactivate the message entirely. Use the Implementation Guide under "Controlling: General" and choose Change message control. Enter area KI and message number 166. If you do not enter an individual user here, the change is valid for all users.

Please advice.

Thanks & Regards