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Aug 28, 2009 at 04:33 PM

Wrong Balances


Dear All

I am facing a problem, the cumulative balances which are being pulled to my ODS - 0FIGL_O10 are coming wrong.

I am using new GL. I checked the table FAGLFLEXT and i find that the cumulative balance is being overwritten by any new transaction balance.

For eg

Account no Op Bal Debit Credit Closing Bal

11101050 1000 0 0 1000

11101060 5000 500 0 500

In the above case the balance of account 11101060 should be 5500.

So where there are no transaction during the period the system picks up the correct closing balance. However when there is a transaction during the period the system instead of adding it overwrites the balance with the transaction data.

A quick help shall be highly appreciated.