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Aug 28, 2009 at 04:23 PM

Resync Special Prices


The special prices in WT have gotten out of sync with B1 which now results in 'There are less special price records in WT than in B1...' error message in the sync log.

Using SQL Profiler I have determined that there are almost 500 records less in WT than B1 ... Too many to create 'Dummy' records as suggested in [special-price-records-error-deletespecialpricesnot]

What I would like to do is just delete all records in PartsPricingMaster and PartsPricing and have them recreated from B1 in a sync. Would this work? What would 'Trigger' the sync? Would I have to go into B1 and change (slightly) each special price to make them sync?


Bob Blansett