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Aug 28, 2009 at 04:01 PM

Dynamic value assignment to a particular column in a vertical ALV


Hi Friends,

In the present program ALV has 44 fields and output row is only one(with some field editable).

My requirement is to change present output to vertical ALV and editable field should be available

as editable.

Now I have changed this to transposed ALV manually(not dynamically) with required fields editable.

Now there is 44 rows and two column "FIELD and "VALUE'.Some values in the second column is editable.

Previously output was like this:

field1 field2 field3 ...

val1 val2 val3 ...

Now output is like:


field1 value1(type INT)

field2 value2(type char5) Editable(need F4 help)

field3 value3(type date)

... ...

... ...

My present structure declaration is:

types: begin of ty_itab,

field type char 50,

value type char70,

celltab type lvc_t_styl,(for editing some values in VALUE column).

end of ty_itab.

data: itab type standard table of ty_itab.

Now the second column i have declared as CHAR70 which contains only char

values because to put all differt types of values to one single column named


But as field1 field2 field3... had differnt type of value like integer char date...I need to validate some values

(specially those which are editable) before saving to custom DB table.

So I need dynamic value assignment to VALUE column when preparing internal table for display.

What I want to say is that VALUE column should be able to contain different type of values like INT, DATE, CHAR...etc

Is the requirement is feasible?

If yes then How should I declare the structure and populate different type of values within single column 'VALUE'.

Also is it possible to have F4 helps in the second column (VALUE)???