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Aug 28, 2009 at 03:33 PM

How to change the text of a user defined field in dynamic selections?


Logical Database PSJ is used by t code CJI3 - we added a couple of user fields into the dynamic selections of CJI3.

Now - how to change the text of this user filed (USR01 of structure PRSP_R in logical database PSJ)?

Found an OSS note - 86980 - that tells that this is not possible.

But when we read the documentation on the user field (CJI3 - dynamic selections - double click on user field - F1), it shows the following text:


User-defined field in which you can enter general information with a length of up to 20 characters.


The names (key words) for user-defined fields depend on the field key.


Now the question is where to change the field key..