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Aug 28, 2009 at 11:29 AM

Client Copy and System Restore query


Dear All,

I have few major doubt regarding client copy and system restor.

1. In my Quality system there are 2 clients: 100 and 200.In my PRD there is only 1 client 300(other than the standard default clients). My doubt is during remote client copy with SAP_ALL profile from PRD to QUA why the space increases only in MB.

I have been asked the same question by my management. They are saying PRD is 300GB and QUA is 220GB then why the space increases in MB though all data is copied in client 200(QUA) from client300(PRD)

2. If I delete client why the space is released in MB. Because according to them it should be in GBs.

3. Now my third query is I have to restore PRD backup in QUA.So I said that this requires same and Same sapce in the sapdatafiles(OS is HP-UX 11.31 and DB is Oracle 10g).So I have to explain them why these two things are contradary to each other. In case of client copy space required is only in MB and in case of System restore of PRD in QUA sapce require is in GBs.

Your suggestions will be highly obliged.