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Sep 26, 2018 at 12:37 PM

Use airwatch-sdk-fiori-plugin to authenticate to onPrem FES using X.509 Certificates


Hello Cordova, Kapsel and AirWatch Experts,

we want to create a custom SAP Fiori Client that is distributed by VMWare Airwatch and uses the airwatch-sdk-fiori-plugin which does implement the X.509 certificate provider interface to the Kapsel logon plugin. So I would expect that when I build the custom SAP Fiori Client using this plugin and distribute via AirWatch it should work out of the box. Unfortunately we run into issues. I hope someone who got this working already can share some insights.

That's what we've done so far:

We've downloaded the latest available Kapsel SDK 3.1 SP01 PL02 from the SAP Service Marketplace. Made the setup of the development environment according to the documentation: Setting Up the SAP Fiori Client App Development Environment. Then we've made this adjustments to the file config.json:

    "packageName": "de.linuxdozent.fiori",
    "targetFolder": "/Users/xcodeserver/Documents/fiori_client_3.1_SP01_PL02",
    "appName": "CSW Fiori",
    "platforms": ["ios"],
    "cordovaPluginIncludes" : ["airwatch-sdk-fiori-plugin"],
    "cordovaPluginExcludes" : ["kapsel-plugin-push"],
    "crosswalkEnabled" : false

Based on that we used the script create_fiori_client.js to create the Cordova project. There we've made the needed adjustments to the appConfig.js especially the fioriURL. Then we where able to build the project, create an ipa File using Product -> Archive -> Export (Enterprise Distribution) in X-Code.

In the AirWatch console we've created an iOS Profile with the following settings:

that we've assigned as an Application profile to the App managed in AirWatch:

When we start this app we currently get the AirWatch Agent involved but then an empty screen appears. When we open the Fiori Client settings by double-tapping on the screen we the the Fiori Launchpad URL empty but also greyed out so that we can't enter any information there.

Loooking forward for some input.

Best regards