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Former Member
Aug 28, 2009 at 07:08 AM

Commitment in Incorrect period


Hi All,

I am an MM person so struggle a little with the FI/CO stuff.

We are running ECC6 and have the following issue which I hope some financial expert can help me with.

When purchase orders are generated in MM they raise a commitment for the cost center and G: code.

The FI period that the commitment is put to is usually set by the delivery date of the line item on the PO.

This is working most of the time but I suddenly have one Cost center where I am getting commitments in 2010 when the delivery date is in 2009. As it only involves one Cost Center I am wondering if it is related to some setting that I don't know about.

I have checked the three PO's involved and they all relate to the same Cost Center.

I even got a user to delete one of the lines, this removed the commitment but when the line was re-instated the commitment went back into 2010 again.

I must be missing some setting for this Cost Center, can anyone think of any other factor that could cause commitments to get posted to a different period other than the PO delivery date, is there some budget planning that could cause this?

Thanks in advance