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Aug 27, 2009 at 07:57 PM

Communication Channel Archiving


Hi Gurus,

I need help in determining a problem in the archiving process of communication channels. The messages does not return any errors and I am uncertain where to investigate further to find the cause of the problem. Here is my issue:

Everyday there is a batch job in SM37 (report RFKKCOL2) that executes in ISU system and this will produce 3 image files which is thrown to PI for message processing (so that we will have a confirmation that is is processed, more like of a copy) and FTP it to a box. This is currently happening but the Image file is NOT being created completely. I am not exactly sure if the image files are experiencing the errors on the message processing since that messages in PI is not throwing errors, or the problem is in the archiving process. After the communication channel picks up the file, it is set to archive it to the same box.

Since last week, in the image target folder in OS, there are 6,082 individually images equalling to 269 MB or 282,959,479 B; and in the directory of the image archive there is a file called Image<date>.001 which compresses all the 269MB worth of pictures for that day into 1 file and it is expected that it should be the same size but it is actually only 567 KB or 581,129 B, there is a big short fall here. Where is the problem coming from? This just has happened suddenly without any system changes or any programs changes. This issue has been happening for several days consecutively now.

Please advise.

Thank you in advance