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Aug 27, 2009 at 07:20 PM

calculation formula userexit not working for multiple condition types



we have a problem in the CRM ISA-B2B scenario where the custom user exit is only working for single condition type.

but we need it for multiple condition types .

the value of the subtotal is not being retrieved for multiple conditions. at a time only one condition value is being retrieved and shown in the webshop - shopping basket.

for ex:

we have scenario 1 where Y001 -Freight condition type is applicable for one customer.and Y002 is applicable for another customer.

when we are trying to show the subtotal condition value in the webshop by using a single custom user exit in the pricing procedure it is only working for either of the above 2 customers depending on the VMC cache status.

is there any problem if use the single user exit for both condition types?

and if it needs to be differentiated how exactly we can do that with the same logic in the java class.

Thanks in advance,