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Aug 27, 2009 at 04:29 PM

Production Order Confirm/Label Printing problems


I am currently having issues printing out labels for production orders. Whenever I confirm an order, our printer will print out a different quantity or no label at all.

Here is a brief history of production order confirmations today....

Entered Printed

80 40 (2 labels of 20)

20 No Print

20 No Print

40 No Print

ALL confirmations were accepted by SAP

SAP WILL often drag during a normal confirmation when correct labels are printed

SAP will NOT drag when a confirmation is entered and no labels are printed

Yesterday I had a confirmation for 10 print out a label for 19. All of the quantities in SAP are correct, it's only the printer that is creating labels for different quantities. If all the lot sizes in SAP are correct, what do you think the issue might be?