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Aug 27, 2009 at 04:03 PM

Lookup value in main report from subreport and return page number


Does anyone know if the below is possible. I am currently using CR 8.5 ( Switching to 11 in a few months).

I have a main (container) report that has a unique Identifier field called OPP_ID. My subreport also has the same data as the main report including the OPP_ID field. Is there a way to create a formula on the subreport that will lookup the OPP_ID on the main report and return the page number that it resides on? Basically what excel calls a V_Lookup.

Example: On the subreport if you see OPP_ID # 10 it would also list next to it the page number that OPP #10 resides on in the main report. Essentially I am creating an index, but the index is on the subreport.

Any help is appreciated!!!