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Aug 27, 2009 at 03:01 PM

creating F4 help with customized values in selection screen


Hi Dear friends

In my report i have two input flds at selection screen i.e. sales order no and date description.Now based on sales order no the F4 help in the fld date description should change if there are two sales document number 001 and 002 and the corresponding date description for 001 are 123 and 234 and for 002 are 987 and 876 .Then if i select 001 the F4 help in date description should contain 123,234 and for 002 it should contain 987,876 before pressing the execute button.How to achieve this. Plz help me. i tried to use AT-SELECTION SCREEN ON VALUE REQUEST event but its not giving any out put as in the SELECT query i putted a WHERE condition where sales document of the database table equals to the sales order inserted in the selection screen. But when i debugg the input sales order parameter shows blank.