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Aug 27, 2009 at 01:08 PM

SRM 7.0 Agent determination problem, SWWORGTASK empty



I'm working with SRM 7.0 and I'm having a problem in the quality system.

The table SWWORGTASK is not being populated. When creating a SC, I can see the Agents determined (in the Display/Edit Agents link) and are determined correctly...but when I go to the SWI1 and press on the Agents button to see the agent that has to approve that SC I get the message 'No selected agents'.

I debugged that button and saw that the table SWWORGTASK was empty!!!!

I tested in DEV system and worked fine there...that table is full....but in QAS is empty....

I'm working with the WF WS40000014, WS40000015 and WS40000016 (this is the one that has the approval step) and the task that I think thak has the problem is the 40007953 .

Is there a way to see if that task could be as General Task in DEV and not in QAS?

Why is this happening? Do you have any idea?