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ASE 15.7 free trial available for download?

Nov 17, 2016 at 11:30 PM


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Dear Support Team,

The company I work for only uses Sybase ASE 15.7 and earlier versions so I would like to download a free trial or a Developer Version of it at home to try out some Security Administration stuff on it.

Is a download link available somewhere for ASE 15.7?

Thanks in advance.



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Mark A Parsons Nov 18, 2016 at 12:22 AM

The free downloads (available to the general public) that I'm aware of are for the latest version of ASE 16.0.

Assuming your company has an active support contract, your best bet would be to get one of your company's SAP portal users (ie, they have a 'S' user id) to pull down a copy of ASE15.7 for you. Alternatively, see if your company's DBA group already has a copy of the ASE 15.7 download software for whatever OS you're running at home.

Keep in mind that all ASE 15.7 downloads automatically come with a Developer Edition (DE) license, so all you really need to do is find someone that can get you a copy of a ASE 15.7 download.


If the above doesn't work ... what's it worth to ya? :-)

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Laszlo Csorba Nov 18, 2016 at 12:47 AM

Ah ok, I thought it'd be easier to get one, there used to be a download link straight from which no longer seems to be operating. It looks I'll then need to find someone in the office and beg for a free copy of ASE 15.7 :).

Thanks a lot Mark!

What do you mean by "what's it worth to ya?" :) Do I have a quicker and easier way to get it? ;)

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Generally speaking SAP is less into customer support than Sybase was ... freely available solved cases no longer exists, freely available downloads no longer exists, the Sybase newsgroups were replaced with the so-so SCN site which has now been replaced with this POS Q&A system, and good luck if you try using the search engine to find anything on ... *grumble* ...


RE: "what's it worth to ya?" ... I've got some ASE 15.7 downloads (windows/linux/solaris_x86) I could sell ya! Some really good BBQ always works for me, and of course the premium dark chocolates, and in a pinch most pizzas with dead animals (sans the little fishies) will do. :-)