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Aug 27, 2009 at 11:02 AM

Setting DropDown List Value in screen



I have a UI table element. In this am having some 10 records.

I have a EDIT button and a drop down box in the same view.

When i select a record and click on my EDIT button, the currency corresponding to the selected record in table will be displayed in the dropdown box. For example INR in this case.

I am able to achieve this by using set attribute code as given below.

  • set currency attribute


name = `CURR`

value = wa_itable-ztable_curr ).

Now the problem is, if i click on the drop down box, the first value in the drop down box is overwrititien by INR.

What happens is that whatever value is in the currency field for a record, it is replacing the first default value (ADP) in the drop down box. i.e. ADP is disappearing in the drop down list.

NOTE: INR is repeating twice in the dropdown list.

How to solve this problem? Or is there any other way to set the currency attribute in drop down without affecting the default first value.