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Former Member
Aug 27, 2009 at 10:11 AM

MM initialization tables


Hi Experts,

I have a poroblem with the inventory scenario in BW. We have the data loaded in BW. The problem is that we have to add another field to the cube and we have to load again.We have loaded goods movements 2LIS_03_BF data in a DSO but we haven't in BW 2LIS_03_BX data and neither in PSA.

We are thinking to init the MC03BX0SETUP table in R3 and to load 2LIS_03_BX data from R3 but load 2LIS_03_BF old data movements from the ODS in BW. So, we avoid to recalculate movements again in R3 because we would need some weeks to finish the process.

Tha question is that we are not sure if the process would works correctly because initial stock data would not be the same than the first time we calculate but we think It would works. I have done some test in development system and it works.

Could you give me any advise or confirm it would works?