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Aug 27, 2009 at 09:26 AM

PI System Copy (JCO RFC destinations missing)



We are doing a Homogeneous System Copy of a PI 7.0 system:

- Source system --> PI 7.0 Production system ("PIP")

- Destination system --> PI 7.0 Development system ("PID")

We are executing the specific POST activities for a PI system (point in the "System Copy for NW2004s SR2 Abap+Java" guide). In point, PI RFC destinations must be adapted in both Abap (SM59) and Java (Visual Administrator, JCO RFC Provider). The problem is that in all PI abap RFC destinations (AI_RUNTIME_JCOSERVER etc) the program_id is pointing to our PI

Production system ("AI_RUNTIME_PIP"), is it OK?

Besides, in Visual Administrator (JCO RFC Provider service), all the required RFC listeners for PI ("AI_DIRECTORY_PIP", "AI_RUNTIME_PIP", etc.) are missing after the system copy (???). Must these RFC listeners be manually created? How can we do it? Must we create them with the development SID ("AI_RUNTIME_PID") or with the production SID ("AI_RUNTIME_PIP")? Perhaps PI configuration wizard must be executed after the system copy of a PI system so that these JCO RFC destinations are created, but we are afraid executing the wizard could harm the PI configuration...

Thanks in advance.

Jon Larrucea