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Aug 27, 2009 at 09:06 AM

Internal Revenue Reporting


Hi Gurus

We have implemented CO-PA and PCA in our company. We are a multinational company.

We manufacture products in US and transfer them to Mexico. The transfer from the US company to the Mexico will include some margin but then Mexico sells the product to the end customer in Mexico.

Now our business in Canada wants to report on the profitability of the Mexican operations but they do not want me to use the the cost of the product based on the price that was used at time of the stock transfer from US to Mexico but they want me to use the cost of the product to produce it in US. This is one challenge apart from this the other challenge I have is sometimes the product sold in Mexico was transferred from US but sometimes it is procured externally and sold in Mexico. In that case they want me to use the cost of the procured material.

Can you kindly share ideas if any of you have done such a reporting how we can do it from CO-PA or from PCA.