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Aug 27, 2009 at 08:36 AM

Oracle Patchset query


We need to upgrade to Oracle patchset from on 32-bit Windows.

On service market place I found the following files for this : Size 91436 KB Size 91849 KB

BIN Patchset_10204_Win32aa.bin Size 358400 KB

BIN Patchset_10204_Win32ab.bin Size 358400 KB

BIN Patchset_10204_Win32ac.bin Size 293572 KB

Could you tell me, if I need the .bin files as well as the .zip files

Note - 1137346 says that only .zip files are needed.

Could you please clarify this doubt?

And Note - 839187 says - To apply the patch set, follow the instructions in the patch set README file.

But there is not readme file on service market place.


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