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Aug 27, 2009 at 08:17 AM

Sample size generated is not correct


Dear all,

I was testing a Sampling-Drawing Procedure, and I have following one question to check with you.

  • Why the sample size created is not correct.**

The following is the environment:

A - The inspection lot created draw the the following Inspection Specification:

1- Inspection plan;

- I have one inspection plan that have a sample-drawing procedure created in the header.

- This inspection plan consists of two MICs and each of these MIC shares a sampling procedure which is of fixed Sample Size 1.

2 - Material Specification;

- The material specification consists of 4 MIC but they don't have any sampling procedure attached to it.

B - The Physical Sample drawing procedure triggered has the following information:

- Only the Primary Sample is used

- Size Factor: 1

- With Sampling Schema with the following sampling plan (lot size 1000 --> Sample size=1 ; Lot size 10000000000 ---> Sample size=5)

C - The goods receipt quantity (i.e. inspection lot quantity) = 100 and No of Container is 1 lot


When the inspection lot is created... the sample size value generated is 3.
My question is why the system generate a sample size of 3? shouldn't the sample size value equal to 1?