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Aug 27, 2009 at 02:34 AM

load error:Dimension:XXXX member:XXXX is invalid or is a calculated member


Dear Gurus,

I have created dimensions loaded with data and created a new application based on those dimensions. When I try to load data from flat file to application getting following error.

Dimension: HRACCOUNT member: BONUS is invalid or is a calculated member

When I click on Validate transformation definitions getting above error.

In transformations I maintaining file as follows :



Following are Dimension members(data) in HRACCOUNT:

HRACCOUNT	Language Key	Calc member flag	HIR	Scaling	Long description
401K	EN	N	H1	Y	401(k)
AnnualData	EN	Y	H1	Y	Annual Input Data
AnnualPCTINC	EN	N	H1	N	Annual Percent Increase
AnnualSalary	EN	N	H1	Y	Annual Salary
ApprovalFlag	EN	N	H1		Approval Flag
Bonus	       EN	N	H1	Y	Bonus
CarAllowance	EN	N	H1	Y	Car Allowance
DaysInPeriod	EN	N	H1	N	Days In Period
DentalIns	EN	N	H1	Y	Dental Insurance
FAS106	       EN	N	H1	Y	Ret Med (FAS 106)
FICA	       EN	N	H1	Y	FICA
FICACalcBase	EN	N	H1		FICA Calc Base
HRCalcs	EN	Y	H1		HRCalculation Accounts
HRRATES	EN	Y	H1	N	HRM Rates for the Account Calculations
Headcount	EN	N	H1	N	Headcount
HealthIns	EN	N	H1	Y	Health Insurance
Incentive	EN	N	H1	Y	Incentive
LifeIns	EN	N	H1	Y	Life Insurance
Medicare	EN	N	H1	Y	Medicare
MonthlyBase	EN	N	H1	Y	Monthly Base Salary
MonthlyPCTINC	EN	N	H1	N	Monthly Percent Increase
MonthlySalary	EN	N	H1	Y	Monthly Salary Increased
OT            EN	N	H1	Y	Overtime

When I try with following transformation it went through successfully.



Why I'm getting error for some members only ?

Your help is highly appreciated.

thanks in advance...



I'm very sorry facing some problem while posting thread.

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