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Sep 21, 2018 at 05:57 PM

Define XSD with namespace the match expected XML output


using extract_from_xml function to process an XML file saved as CLOB in oracle database table.

Based on the XSD's i was provided the Elements are mapped as



<ProductID> '1' </ProductID>

<Productname> 'ABC' </Productname>



<Customerid>'200' </Customerid>

<Customername>'Jack' </Customername>



But the XML data is stored in table as



<C:ProductID> '1' </C:ProductID>

<C:Productname> 'ABC' </C:Productname>



<C:Customerid>'200' </C:Customerid>

<C:Customername>'Jack' </C:Customername>



When trying to validate the function it gives the following error:

NRDM Function <Cannot parse expression.LONG or BLOB column <XML_DATA> cannot be used as a parameter of functions.. (BODI-1112351)> (BODI-1111191)

Any suggestion on how to go about generating an XSD that would be in sync with the additional text thats getting added infront of the Elment names? I have no clue how to go about doing this?