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Aug 26, 2009 at 05:26 PM

KM API : Creating External Link with Overwriting feature



I am using KM API to create an external link on a KM folder.

This is the code which I am using for it.

      pathRID = RID.getRID(p_parent);
      collection = (ICollection)p_ResourceFactory.getResource(pathRID, p_ResouceContext);
      collection.createLink(p_childname, URL.getInstance(p_linkValue), LinkType.EXTERNAL, null);
    catch (NameAlreadyExistsException naee) {}

Now, in my case, there are chances that an external link with same name already residing in same folder. In this case I want my method to overwrite existing external link with the new one.

How to do it?

Thanks and regards,

Amey Mogare