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Aug 26, 2009 at 12:56 PM

Take over value



The depreciation was made in the old system to May and from June we are going to manage it in SAP.

31th of May is the take over value date.

When we have 31th of May as take over value date and creates an asset in transaction code AS91 there is accumulated depreciation to month 5 in transaction code AW01N and next month is 7 with a double planned depreciation, NO planned depreciation for month 6. That´s why we already have tested to post depreciation in June for other assets, so if we run the depreciation for July we have accumulated depreciation to month 5 and planned for month 8 (including 3 months depreciation). Example after that we have run the depreciation for July and then create a new asset in AS91:

Acquisition value: 15 000

Acumulated ord. depreciation: 250 (we activated this asset and run depreciation for it in December 2008)

Legaly data transfer: 1250 (Jan-May)

Planned month 8: 750

Planned month 9: 250

Planned month 10: 250

Planned month 11: 250

Planned month 12: 250

Is this a problem? We think it wouldn´t be a problem why we do not run the depreciation in the production system for any asset before all asset are created in AS91?

Best regards Lisa