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Aug 26, 2009 at 12:49 PM

sapscript form f110_prenum_chck prints on dotmatrix printer continuos form


HI All Experts,

I have a problem where my sapscript prints on a continuous paper - the pages will get push down if its multiple pages.

Example: The page 1 starts out fine, then when it comes to printing second page, it will start printing slightly lower of the page header margin and therefore the footer contents will push down to page 3.

Then it starts lower and eventually gets pushed and pushed.

I tried HP normal laser printer and it prints out fine page by page,

I had defined the actual page height and width of the dot matrix paper size in Page Format.

Printer Name:Epson LQ-2180

Sapscript form name:f110_prenum_check(copied and modified as per requirment)

device type used:ARSWIN

Where do I need to change ?

Kindly advice.

Thank You

Abdul Hameed Hussain