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Sep 20, 2018 at 11:02 PM

EU_CLONE_MIG_DT_IMP - EDI40 Import Failed


Hi All,

I am currently doing Upgrade + HANA Migration through SAP SUM DMO tool .

Source is ECC6.0 Ehp5 ( AS400/DB2 ) and Target is ECC 6.0 Ehp8 (RHEL/HANA 2.0 )

While importing into Target system ,the import job for EDI40 table failed with following error message . At the moment I am executing SDBI_CLUSTER_CHECK report in Source system.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Phase: EU_CLONE_MIG_DT_IMP R3LOAD IMPORT ERRORS Find the detailed log in MIGRATE_DT_00745_IMP.LOG ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A1 ESTR 005 Found logical cluster description for EDI40 in /sumstart/SUM/abap/load/migrate_dt/SAPEDI40.STR.logical A1 ETSK 007 Starting import for object "EDI40" of type "table" #20180920055806 A1 EHDB 007 Loading data in table "EDI40" with Mass Loader for LOBs A1 EDMP 004 Export data appears to be unsorted. A1 EFLL 000 Loading fast loader library '/sumstart/SUM/abap/bin/'. myCluster (255.11.Imp): 3871: initial cluster record detected. myCluster: EDI40 **010****0000000036498409****000** myCluster (255.11.Imp): 3874: such cluster items must not be converted. myCluster (255.11.Imp): 1141: error during conversion of cluster item. myCluster (255.11.Imp): 1144: affected physical table is EDI40. A1EEIMP 008 Task failed with error: (CNV) Data conversion failed with rc = -1 A1 ETSK 012 Throughput: 239.97 MB in 24 chunks, 6023.20 rows/sec, 22.63 MB/sec A1EETSK 011 Finished import for object "EDI40" of type "table" with error in 10 sec #20180920055817 A1 EDBS 003 Disconnected from DB A1 EGEN 002 ==================================================== A1 EDMP 008 Resource usage: DATABASE times: 10.612/5.047/0.067 93.2%/86.9%/79.6% real/usr/sys A1 EDMP 008 Resource usage: FILE times: 0.776/0.758/0.017 6.8%/13.1%/20.4% real/usr/sys A1 EDMP 007 Memory usage: 48/0 MB buffer/disk (1 reused buffers) A1EEGEN 023 Number of error(s): 1 1 ETP111 exit code : "2"