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Aug 26, 2009 at 07:01 AM

How to handle duplicate messages in J2SE File scenario



Is there any way to handle processing of duplicate messages in J2SE File adapter scenario?

Here is the scenario ,

Steps :

1. Engine picks up a message and checks the size of it.

2. Before reaching the checking interval , the adapter(file) was terminated unfortunately.

3. J2SE engine was restarted.

4. Previous file was again picked up and sent as the first time with one msgID.

5. After sometime, same file was picked up with a new msgID

6. System gets only ONE configrmation that file has been successfully transfered.

So we find two messages containing the same file.

I have checked in J2SE doc, there is a parameter called "db.exactlyOnceErrorInPendingState" which is related to DB.

Is there any similar parameter to handle the duplicate messages in FIle Adapter scenarios of J2SE Engine.

Please help me in this regard as it seems to be a new thing in J2SE AE.